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Trip Interview – Tobias

By March 10, 2017 February 11th, 2019 No Comments

Interview with Tobias

Trip: Powder Chase 2017
Age: 29

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi I’m Tobias, but you already knew that. 29 years young and I have my own video content company with which I also create ski and snowboard movies.

How good are you on your snowboard?

Haha very good question. I snowboard reasonably well. I’ve been on an off-piste trip with a guide twice before.

The first one was two years ago and I really love this concept. It is really the best of the two worlds. During the day you are busy riding powder and after that, you can have a beer and do nice things and chill.

“The focus on the highly experienced guide and small groups really creates a trip with good vibes and progression. This really was an experience like I’ve never had before”

What do you think of Steez Powder Chase trip?

I have done two trips with a guide before but this is different. This is mainly due to the size of the group and the guide. Steez really focuses on the best experience. I had to pay just a little bit more than the other trips but you get so much more in return. We are with a small group and a guide who is very experienced. He is very focused on you and is able to teach you something as well.
There is very pleasant dynamics in the group and everyone is improving very well. Because of this we can do more challenging things. For example, we started riding a few pillows and I even jumped off my first cliff!

What is the highlight of your Steez Experience?

Look, the ultimate off-piste feeling is for me the best feeling there is. I just love to make my first turn and feel the powder gently like a soft blanket over my thigh, chest or even better the face. It’s just that moment that you don’t care about anything else. It’s just freedom. I also see it as a kind of creativity. Maybe it sounds very artistic or it’s just me, but snowboarding between the trees making a little sexy jump or putting lines on your own white canvas. That’s the heart of snowboarding for me.

Yesterday I caught myself that for the first time ever I really didn’t know where I was on the mountain and I was just enjoying the moment, an experience I haven’t had before. The only thing I had to think about was snowboarding.

Why did you choose for the Steez Experience?

Steez has an international audience. This means that you can be in a group with all different nationalities and cultures. This really appealed to me and I experience this as pleasant. Everyone in the group is open and is looking for contacts, there is a good vibe. The tour guide also plays a great role in this. He ensures that everyone comes together in a very relaxed way to do fun stuff.

Till next time Tobias!

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