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Steez Snowboarding sponsored by Foryn Co.

By November 7, 2017 No Comments
Two individual elastic cords to tighten specific zones. This tightens the top zone, around the head.
Two individual elastic cords to tighten specific zones. The second cord tightens the zone around chin.
Two individual zones that can be adjusted individually for the ultimate fit.
The hood can fit both over and under your helmet.
Long neckwarmer so you don’t have to worry about any cold wind getting through.
Made of 100% polarfleece of the highest quality, for that super soft touch that keeps you warm in all conditions.

We are happy and proud to announce that Foryn Co. will sponsor Steez Snowboarding for the upcoming winters. Foryn is a snowboard focussed company that aims to combine high quality, ultimate comfort and great style into its products. Their hooded neckwarmers are the perfect example of this.

The neckwarmers are made 100% of polar fleece and are the ultimate neck warmer and beanie combination. This facemask ideal for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing but also any other outdoor sports, will protect you from all weather conditions and elements.

Make sure you ride with steez this winter with this hooded neckwarmer. They come in Beige, Black and Grey.

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